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 Mental Health in Rural

               Issue 3


Midland Perinatal and Infant Workshop - Taranaki Area

The Midland Mental Health and Addiction Regional Network are undertaking projects to improve access to service for mothers and infants who experience mental illness during the perinatal period. The Network has already completed the first phase of the project which focused on specialist secondary mental health and addiction services; please click here for a copy of the report.

This workshop is for maternity service providers in primary care and includes primary maternal mental health as well as maternity professionals. It aims to: 

If you work in this area and would like to attend please click here for the invite letter and agenda.  Please complete the registration and return to akatu.marsters@lakesdhb.govt.nz.




Taranaki Motorcycle Ride to Support Suicide Prevention

A great initiative to bring the community together in support of Suicide Prevention.  This years theme for Suicide Prevention Week is "accepting differences" which also fits R.A.T.S - Riders against Teenage Suicide "It's not ok to go that way" event.  There are a lot of misconceptions around motorcycle riders, and when a big group are together people tend to have negative thoughts.  This year we will see the positive things from the R.A.T.S riders as they ride through town to support teen suicide.


Mike King and Tai Tupou Talks in the Taranaki Area

It is time to stop throwing negatives at the problem of suicide and time to start throwing positives at a solution! EngageNZ and The Key to Life Charitable Trust have teamed up to empower people to prevent suicide in their communities and direct support to those who need it.

The Korero intiative is all about connecting people with a hopeful message and existing supports and resources – so if you work in the field and have something to offer, please let us know – we really want to involve you! Local services can use the Korero events as an opportunity to share your resources and information with your community. Please add your brochures to the information table and add your voice to the conversation.


 Taranaki Taiohi Health Strategy

Taranaki DHB led the development of the Taranaki Taiohi Health Strategy 2013-2016. The Strategy was guided by a multi-agency Governance Group representative of Ministry of Education (Special Education), Ministry of Social Development, Taranaki DHB, Midland Health Network, National Hauora Coalition and Tui Ora Limited. The Operational Group was diverse with a wide range of participants from various professions and settings across Taranaki. Input from Taiohi was through focus group sessions and a questionnaire. 

Two Strategies have been developed, one for young people and another for agencies. A further supporting background document was developed to provide context to the Strategies priorities.

 In the new year, (2013) and Alliance Charter will be signed by agencies and various organisations that sets the principles on how we will work together to implement the strategy. It's sets not only the foundation for this strategy but for other pieces of work which will be led by various agencies. We will also develop Youth Health Teams that connect the current services and expertise that exists and provide opportunities to leverage change through multi-agency leadership.  We have developed a Results Based Accountability Framework to support the 3 key result areas. The framework includes population and performance indictors that all agencies are accountable for.  This will help us monitor and report on whether we are actually making a difference.

2013-2016 Taranaki Taiohi Health Strategy (Agency Version)   2013-2016 Taranaki Taiohi Health Strategy (Taiohi Version)


    Taranaki Taiohi 
  Health Strategy



Real Skills plus Seitapu - Engaging Pacific People Workshop held in Taranaki Rohe

The LeVa team took the Real Skills plus Seitapu - Engaging Pacific People's workshop to Taranaki on the 13 April which was held at the DHB in the Lecture Theatre.


There were approximately 32 participants at this workshop from a wide range of Health and Community services including the Police Department, NZ Red Cross, Youth Justice to name a few and of course our NGO / Provider Arm Mental Health Services.


Taranaki Adult MH&A Continuum Project

The Mental Health and Addictions Adult Continuum Project has been completed with sign off on the final report. The project was ambitious in its objective to include all of the MH&A services across the entire continuum. The service mix and pathways are multi-tiered and complex and as a result a number of emerging red flag areas and corresponding key recommendations and actions were included. Next Steps - over the next month the recommendations and necessary actions will be formalised through a work plan in conjunction with the sector to support implementation.

Deirdre Mulligan, Consultant Project Manager and Jenny James, Portfolio Manager, Taranaki DHB would like to thank all of the participants to date to get this stage of the work to completion.

Summary & Overview                                                        Client Pathway

                      Background & Context Document            About the Project                                  


Taranaki CAMHS Continuum Project

The Taranaki CAMHS Continuum project involving DHB provider arm and NGO services has been completed with the sign off of the final report.  Sandra Broadman, GM Planning and Funding stated that it was an excellent piece of work that has provided some clear directions for the Taranaki sector. 

Jenny James, Taranaki Portfolio Manager and Eseta Nonu-Reid, Midland Regional Director would like to thank all of the participants for their commitment to getting this piece of work completed. 

Taranaki CAMHS Continuum of Care Report

Taranaki CAMHS Continuum of Care Appendices