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Midland Infant Mental Health Workshops with Dr Denise Guy Completed

Three series of Infant Mental Health workshops were held in the Midland region facilitated by Dr Denise Guy in November, Decmeber 2014 and March, May & June 2015, the workshops were:

Workshop 1: Introduction – The First Years

This workshop encompassed:

Please click here for the Workshop I Evaluation Report

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Workshop 2: Attachment & Caregiving

This workshop encompassed:

Please click here for the Workshop II Evaluation Report 

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 Workshop 3: Tailored to DHBs

The 3rd Workshop was run with the DHB staff involved in providing perinatal and infant mental health services. Each DHB is at a different stage in developing services, having dedicated staff, and in the training and skills of these staff.

The following topics were proposed to the DHBs for this workshop:

  1. Training in the Revised Diagnostic Classification System for 0-3 [DC: 0-3R] – Axis I and II. This workshop would require a clinician on site taking responsibility for obtaining interactional film on 2-3 clinical cases.
  2. Working through the Clinical Assessment of an IMH Referral – again it would be necessary to have clinical material from the particular DHB and we would work through the process of completing a full IMH assessment, formulating and planning treatment
  3. Filming in IMH – for assessment and intervention purposes; when, what, how
  4. Intervention and Reflective Supervision – again requiring some clinical material from the particular DHB.

 Please click here for the Workshop III Evaluation Report


Building Co-existing Problems Responsive Services

During the months of May and June, workshops were held in the Bay of Plenty, Lakes and Waikato areas for “Building Co-existing Problems Responsive Services”, facilitated by Ashley Konig from Matua Raki & Suzette Poole from Te Pou.

Leaders and managers in mental and addictions services from DHB and NGO were invited to participate.

The content of the workshop was to provide an opportunity to utilise the CEP Service Checklist to identify local systems that are supporting CEP responsiveness and integrated care and areas that need development to inform a district wide action plan to improve services for people with CEP. 

An evaluation report for the workshops will be made available soon.