To meet service and financial needs and Ministerial expectations the Midland Region DHBs recognised that there needs to be a structured and coordinated approach to the planning and delivery of services that would show benefits from a regional approach to delivery. To this end agreement was reached by the five Midland DHBs to initiate a Midland Regional Cooperation Project under the direction of the Midland Chairs and Chief Executives (CEs). Envisaged outcomes include:

  • Revision of the constitution and governance structure of the existing entity, HealthShare Limited to permit the inclusion of regional services. HealthShare is equally owned by the five Midland DHBs, with each having 20% shareholding.
  • Incorporation of regional planning and activities (i.e. Midland Regional Clinical Service Plan) and clinical services coordination (e.g. Midland Cancer Network, Midland Mental Health & Addiction Network) within HealthShare Limited;
  • Consideration of the options for regional activity of back office and support functions in the areas of:
    • Procurement
    • Information Systems
    • Finance
    • Legal and Regulatory
    • Workforce (Recruitment/Learning & Development/IR)
    • Media and Communications
    • Audit and Risk

Logo Line

HealthShare Ltd Structure

Midland Governance Diagram  

Andrew Campbell-Stokes HealthShare - Chief Executive
Andrew CS

Andrew has a clinical background which brings insight to the work of the Chief Executive and on top of this he has developed his skills through employment across the sector and with formal qualifications. His working relationship within the team at HealthShare and with the many groups with which HealthShare works on behalf of the Midland DHBs is a strength on which to build more support to enable the Midland DHBs to both increase the operating efficiency of services across the region but also clinical effectiveness through the DHBs clinical networks and action groups.

The Board sees a bright future for HealthShare and with the leadership of Andrew it will continue to be an essential factor in Midland region success.

Nick Saville-Wood Midland MH&A Lead CE

Nick Saville-Wood was appointment to Chief Executive at Lakes DHB for Rotorua and Taupo hospitals in 2019.  Nick has also been seconded as the Lead CE for Mental Health and Addiction network on behalf of the Midland District Health Board Chief Executives.

Phyllis Tangitu Midland MH&A Lead GM Mãori

As Crown agents, DHBs are required to act in a manner that is consistent with the Treaty of Waitangi principles of partnership, participation and protection in the delivery of health and disability services, in order to address disparities in health.

The lead GM Maori Health will liaise with HealthShare on behalf of the Midland DHBs General Managers, Maori Health, to ensure identification of, and advocacy for, issues around Maori health and inequalities.