ENRRegional Director Update

Talofa everyone.

What and interesting four weeks we have had during Alert Level 4! We caught up with all of the regional networks last week via Zoom to touch base with how people are and identify any issues that have come up. The amazing stories of how people have adapted to a new way of working was heartening. We have featured some of the innovative stories in this newsletter. It just shows how resilient we are as a Mental Health & Addiction sector! Minutes for the Network Zoom meetings can be found on our website www.midlandmentalhealthnetwork.co.nz

During the “Work from Home” we have finalised the Taiahaha Taiahaha, Maori Wellbeing Framework. The Te Aho Tāhuhu, Whanau Wellbeing Framework is going through the final edits and Uri Wero Uri Taia, Addiction Wellbeing Framework is going through its final reading by the Project Steering Group. Thank you to all of the Project Steering Groups for your commitment to get the documents completed.

We have started several new projects that have been approved by Clinical Governance at the March 2020 meeting. The Project Steering Groups have been formed and the Zoom meeting over the last two weeks focused on developing the Project Scopes. Finalised Project Scopes will be available on our website. The projects are:

  1. Infant Perinatal Services
  2. Eating Disorders Services
  3. Infant Child Adolescent Services
  4. Borderline Personality Disorders Services
  5. High and Complex Needs

JordanaS GillingtonSocial isolation during this time seems to have effected people in a variety of ways. Missing the ‘human touch’ features a lot in some of the discussions I have had over the last four weeks. Its great being able to spend such quality of time with our families in our bubbles, but some days it would be nice to spend time with other people chatting over a coffee. Changes to our normal cultural practices around gatherings at Marae, Churches and funerals has forced us to rethink. Job security, anxiety and depression are key topics facing our Helpline’s as all businesses were closed down. A big shout out to Sarah Gillingham, Taranaki and Jordie Bealing, Lakes for your diligence in sending through helpful Apps and information on webinar’s and Zoom meetings to assist people during lockdown.


As we move to Alert Level 3 on a personal note, I will be very happy to see my grandchildren and give them a hug! Four weeks is a long time without being able to hold them. Stay well and safe people.


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