eSPACEMidland Region to Finalise Mental Health and Addiction Component of MCP

The eSPACE Programme is making headway as it looks to finalise requirements for its mental health and addictions solution – a critical component of the Midland Clinical Portal (MCP).

The MCP, an initiative from eSPACE, is an electronic platform delivering a consistent and more accurate view of health documentation relating to the care of individual patients across the Midland region. Its overall aim is one patient, one record.

Over the last few months, the eSPACE Programme has been running a series of workshops with the region’s Mental Health and Addictions Advisory Group to gather requirements to ensure its proposed mental health and addictions solution is fit for purpose. Once requirements are finalised, design and build of the mental health and addictions solution will begin. 

Delivery of the solution to the region will take some time and will look to be carried out in two phases. Phase One will provide core functionality such as forms and care pathways. It is intended for this particular functionality to help with organising workflows as well as give increased visibility to clinicians as to where a person is in their care.

Successful implementation of this phase will be critical and therefore each DHB will also be asked to revive their local champion groups, who will be responsible for providing valuable input and review of all functionality.

Phase Two will offer additional functionality, including development of some of the more complex pathways around legal status and the Mental Health Act which has links with Patient Administration Systems and reporting.

In the meantime, the eSPACE Programme’s Mental Health and Addictions project team will continue to travel around the Midland region and engage with those working in the wider mental health community.

Supporting the team will also be Esthe Davis who has joined the programme as Clinical Lead. With extensive knowledge and expertise in mental health, Esthe will be working closely with mental health clinicians in the region to ensure we deliver a solution that meets their needs.

About eSPACE

The eSPACE Programme is a clinically-led transformation programme across the five Midland District Health Boards. It is responsible for delivering our regional vision of one patient, one record through the Midland Clinical Portal – the regional solution to having a single shared repository of patient health information.

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