Pathways Videos Explore Spirituality and Self-stigma

Pathways is a community-based mental health and addiction provider operating in the Midland region and throughout New Zealand.

P SpirituallyWellOne of Pathways’ beliefs that shapes the way it works is that ‘mental health and addictions is our priority, total wellbeing is our goal.” With this in mind, Pathways developed its Being Well strategy in 2015, which laid out the organisation’s goals around supporting their people to be Physically Well, Actively Well and Spiritually Well, and to Work Well, Eat Well and Connect Well.

Over the last four years Pathways has been building resources to support its people in all six of these focus areas.

One staff member, team coach Melanie Govender had a real passion around the topic of spirituality and self-stigma and wanted to help create some resources for Spiritually Well. So, with Pathways support, Mel set about connecting with numerous people around New Zealand, some well-known, others not, and capturing their stories and insights on spirituality and self-stigma.

P Lets talk self stigma  P Lets talk spirituality

Mel said, “When we develop our spirituality, we clarify our perspectives, motivation, meaning and identity which is an integral part of maintaining our wellbeing. In helping people to lead a good quality of life we have to pay attention to spirituality and the impact it has on people.”

P Mel delivers training

Mel delivers train-the-trainer workshop to spirituality champions, so they can deliver workshops to help build
staff confidence in having conversations with people about spirituality and self-stigma.

Mel created two brochures Let’s talk spirituality and Let’s talk self-stigma and nine videos of real people’s stories of recovery from mental illness and addiction. The videos featured among others, Mike King and Mike Edward.

Pathways then held a train-the-trainer workshop where eleven staff from around the country came and learned how to deliver workshops within their regions to help build staff confidence in having conversations with people about spirituality and self-stigma. The workshops utilise the brochures and videos as tools to support people and have been rolled out around the country. 

 P Explore Spirituality

View Pathways’ video resources on spirituality and-self stigma

To view Pathways’ videos on self-stigma and spirituality, click here or search Pathways Health NZ on YouTube.

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