Midland Mapping Documents Workshops

During the month of July, four workshops were held across the Midland region relating to PRIMHD Mapping Documents.

The purpose of this workshop was to support NGOs in the Midland region to provide an understanding of how to work through mapping documents.  This provided a clear understanding to services of their obligations when changes occur within organisations and how this may affect mapping document.

Approximately 52 participants across the region attended these workshop with Taranaki and Tairawhiti workshops being delivered via video conference.

MD Lakes Waikato

Click below for the supporting documents to assist with Mapping Documents:

Some comments from participants:

  • Interesting presenter, lively and good humour which helps to keep the focus.  Great level of enthusiasm. – BOP participant
  • Essential training, thanks Midland – Lakes participant
  • Practitioners should be more involved in PRIMHD reporting changes – Waikato participant
  • The purpose of the training was met, we also had an opportunity to enquire further area’s attached to PRIMHD – Taranaki participant
  • I am satisfied wit the information an in depth knowledge that David has given – participant via video conference