Regional Workshop & Conference Registrations       

RegistrationI guess you are wondering what is so special about ‘registrations’ for regional workshops and conferences?  Well, for a regional team it means a ‘lot to us’ for demographic and justification purposes for reporting.

All workshops and conferences come about through feedback from you, the region via our regional networks and also priorities from the Ministry of Health.  Before these are delivered they are ratified within our regional networks and then organised via the regional team. 

For all regional workshops and conferences completing a registration form is a must for us to understand who you are, your service and other useful information. It is imperative that all fields are completed and the email address is clear if handwritten.  All registrations are acknowledged when received.  If there is no receipt past three days it is encouraged contact is made to ensure registration has been received.

Participant numbers to workshops are capped therefore it is encouraged registrations are received before the closing date. Where registrations are over and above the full capacity these are arranged to ensure each service has representation from both NGO and DHB.  Confirmation is sent out to all confirmed participants and those that missed a placement will be advised and retained on a waiting list.

All activities are funded by the Midland regional network for our region unless otherwise stated on the flyer.  It is imperative we are advised at the earliest convenience if one wishes to withdraw attendance; this will gives us opportunity to offer a placement to others that maybe on a waiting list.  Where a confirmed placement does not ‘show up’ on the day without advising us the employee or employer will be liable to cover the full training costs for the individual.

So remember:

  • Complete the registration form in full
  • Contact us if you have not been informed your registration is received
  • Let us know if you cannot attend at the earliest convenience

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Evaluating Regional Workshops & Conferences

EvaluationThis is one of the most important aspects after every workshop held within the Midland region is the ‘evaluations’.

Why?  There are many reasons why evaluations are necessary however for the regional team the feedback allows us to identify common themes, what other information would be relevant and whether the learning is of value to the region.  Feedback also determines whether the workshop will be rolled out again in the future and whether follow up workshops need to occur.

From the feedback gathered, an ‘evaluation report’ is progressed with recommendations and tabled to our regional network groups prior to distribution to the sector and publication to the Midland MH&A website.

Your feedback assists us to ensure we are meeting the needs of our sector.