W R in Hand

Recovery in Hand - Smart Phone Application

Waikato CADS have had the privilege of being the first DHB in the country to use the Recovery in Hand Smart Phone App with service users.  The app. is useful for anyone in recovery and provides an easy to use tool that users can carry in their pocket.  The app connects users with their care team and peers.  Many clients tell us that peer connections are incredibly helpful when they are feeling weak or stressed. Peers are others in recovery being treated by CADS.  The app also connects clients with what they are learning in their recovery journey and builds on their treatment sessions, such as motivations, recovery planning and other useful tools. 

As well as the client having the app on their phone, the clinicians use a dashboard tool, called the Companion app.  The clinician can use the app to engage in discussion topics related to recovery, or remind people of their appointment, or look at daily survey results that users fill in each day, which can then influence their next therapy session. 

A BEACON button is on every screen of the app.  The user presses and holds the beacon button and then gets a menu of options (see next screen).

W BeaconThe Beacon Help Line is integrated with the National Telehealth Service, where the user can talk to a trained counsellor 24/7.

Another useful function of the app is the support locator.  No matter where you are in the country, the support locator pulls up a map of the nearest treatment providers, their address and contact numbers.

We have completed an initial survey for feedback and early indications show that users find the app useful.  These are some of their comments:

I love the app. it keeps me focused.  I love the notifications…and the tools are really helpful.  My favourite is the graphs that show my ups and downs.  Very helpful.

I think this is an amazing tool and I plan on using it more as I get further into recovery.

The app is helpful and it is great to talk to other people going through the same thing.  You are able to support each other, no matter what comes up in life.  Support and help is the key to become a better person in life.

For further information about Recovery in Hand please contact: Velda.raybone-jones@Waikatodhb.health.nz