LifeWiseLifewise Trust Rotorua Wins Award at Cutting Edge Conference

Lifewise Trust Rotorua received highly recommended acknowledgement for their Patua te Whakamaa initiative. Patua te Whakamaa (removing the shame associated with addiction and mental health issues), reduces stigma at a peer level to build resilience through art and therapeutic techniques that are supported by Manaakitanga (enhancing people’s mana by showing respect, generosity and care for others).

Life2Supported Lifeby volunteers and staff at Lifewise Rotorua, Patua te Whakamaa not only helps programme participants, but also benefits the workforce in a number of ways, including reinforcement of the Let’s get real and Takarangi Competency Framework core knowledge and skills, broadening the skill base to disrupt conventional practice.

This award seeks to showcase innovations in work practices that contribute to workforce wellbeing and development. This initiative focuses national attention on addiction treatment organisations and services engaged in best workforce practices.

Benefits for participants in the programme:

* Reducing de-stigmatization/remove shame at a peer level to build resilience via art and therapeutic techniques supported by manaakitanga.

Life1* Understanding that to make their ideas to become reality requires patience, care, respect and encouragement, with fair reminders about time management dispersed accordingly.

* The learning of trust in this creative process to reflect, re-imagine, strategize, work out ideas and possibilities.

* Increased motivation and group participation for residents in care

* Improved individual wellness and recovery treatment

* Individuals from our Iwi could be more productive as they become more stable and as they tackle acute mental health and/or addiction issues.

* Reconnecting with oneself, heritage and journey.

Life3Life4Benefits for the Workforce:

* Intentional Co-Design Planning to ensure that all activities are baselined for active participation.

* Mana Enhancing process of reciprocity for team accountability of empathy and compassion.

* Broadening skill base to disrupt conventional practice.

* Nothing for Us, Without Us relationships and partnerships.

* Reinforcement of Lets get Real and Takarangi Core Competency frameworks within the sector.