eMental Health Framework Hui

Held on the 29 November 2018, this was the establishment forum to commence thinking about eMental Health as a component of the implementation of the Model of Care (Te Ara Tauwhirotanga).  The focus of this work is on electronic options for clinical intervention to ensure that tangata whaiora/clients and whanau in the Lakes district have options to engage with e-services/therapy as an integral part of their wellbeing journey.

E Therapy

HealthTRx has been engaged to facilitate this process and will be led by Anil Thapliyal (Adj Professor, AUT Centre for eHealth).  Anil has led similar processes in other NZ DHB areas and internationally.

W R in HandeMental health refers to the use of the internet and other electronic communication technologies to deliver mental health information and care. Services provided in this way are an effective and complementary option to traditional face-to-face mental health support and are more accessible and convenient for some people.

eMental health can include but is not limited to;

  • Instant messaging and video-based counselling service (also known as telehealth or telepsychiatry)
  • Consumer information portals
  • Online support groups, forums and social networks
  • Mobile phone apps
  • Online assessment or diagnostic tools
  • Blogs and podcasts
  • Therapeutic gaming programs, robotic simulation and virtual reality systems

As an example, Recovery in Hand is an app being piloted in Waikato to support people who are having counselling for alcohol and other drug concerns.

Discussion on workforce requirements to be able to utilise and support use of eHealth was discussed and a toolkit will be available.

There was also a presentation from the Health Promotion Agency (HPA) explaining what they currently are involved with and how they could work with Lakes and HealthTRx to ensure that a solution that works for our community is developed.

This is the beginning steps for Lakes and there will be more hui to follow. It was very pleasing to feel the passion of the participants and look forward to more people joining in to provide a wide perspective.


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