PGF PosterGambling Harm Awareness Week 2020

This year, Gambling Harm Awareness Week (GHAW) is taking place from 31 August to 6 September. During this week, events and activities take place around the country that aim to raise awareness in our communities about the harm from gambling and that free and confidential support is available nationwide for anyone impacted by harmful gambling.

Research shows that one in five New Zealand adults (22%) is affected at some time in their lives by their own gambling or the gambling of others. Estimates suggest that, in New Zealand in 2017, 37,000 people aged 15 years or older were at high risk of harm from gambling or are ‘problem gamblers’, about 47,000 were at moderate risk and a further 106,000 were at low risk but would experience gambling-related harm during their lifetime.

For more information on GHAW2020 and to find out what’s happening around the country visit the PGF website or Choice Not Chance. (Due to COVID-19 restrictions, some events or activities may have been cancelled, but check the websites for updates).

Free, professional and confidential counselling and support is available for anyone impacted by gambling.

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