ENRMidland Regional Directors Update

Malo le soifua

It has been an interesting Winter with COVID19 alerts see sawing particularly for Auckland.  We continue to progress several regional specialist services models of care as directed by Clinical Governance:

  1. Eating Disorders Phase II
  2. Infant Perinatal
  3. Emotional Intensity (Borderline Personality)
  4. Infant Child Adolescent

A recent review of the of the Midland Regional Leadership Networks has resulted in the following outcomes which are in the process of being implemented:

  • Amalgamating Clinical Governance and the Regional Portfolio Managers networks into one.  Meetings will be quarterly with Zoom meetings in-between.
  • Establishing a Strategic Leadership Network that provides advice to the newly formed Clinical Governance.  Meetings will be quarterly with Zoom meetings in-between as required.
  • Reducing the existing leadership networks to providing an advisory role to the Strategic Leadership Network.  Meetings will be by Zoom and will be of shorter duration.

Work has commenced on developing an overarching Regional Wellbeing Framework which is based on the wellbeing wananga held last year.  Integrating the voices of youth, Māori, whānau / whānau lived experience and addiction is challenging but several key themes have been identified.

Please do not hesitate to contact any of the team if you have any queries:

Until the Spring Newsletter stay well and safe.


Ia manuia


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