Caleb PuttMeet Caleb Putt - Portfolio Manager M&A at Bay of Plenty DHB

Tell us a little about yourself, who are you and what is your role?
I am 35, have been married for 13yrs, have three kids (Ashton- 8, Marley- 5, Oaklen- 3) and a husky called Odin. I love the outdoors, keeping fit, gaming online, reading and netflix’ing (it must be a verb by now). I’ve been with BOPDHB for 8yrs now, mostly in Youth Mental Health and Addiction, but as Portfolio Manager for MH&AS in planning and funding for about 3 months now.

How do you see yourself supporting the Mental Health & Addiction sector and how can we in turn support you?
I hope I can serve the sector in terms of facilitating funding, service development/innovations, service relationships and service reconfiguration that will allow for better access, experience (with our services) and outcomes for our community.

What would you like to achieve working alongside various people in Mental Health & Addiction services?
Working in partnership to achieve the above- better access, experience and outcomes for our community.

If you could change one thing in the Health Sector, what would that be?
There’s lots of things am excited about advocating for or being a part of in terms of change. However, out of the box (and somewhat out of our control) I would love to see greater access to community hubs that can be utilised for health service delivery as housing developments happen across our region. And of personal interest to me I would love to see an increased focus on and interventions re- technology and the part it has to play in health and wellbeing  (e.g. online gaming, social media etc).

What is your favourite “whakatauki – words of wisdom”?
Everything rises and falls on leadership- John Maxwell

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