The following Phase One national service specifications have been signed off and are ready for use. 

Final Mental Health & Addictions Tier 1

Adult Specifications

Final  Adult Tier 2

Homebased Acute Treatment

Acute Packages of Care

Housing Coordination Services

Acute Inpatient Housing Recovery Services - Day Time Responsive Awake Night Support
Co-existing Disorders - MH&A Housing Recovery Services - Day Time Responsive Night Support
Co-existing Disorders - MH&A with Accommodation Intensive Care Inpatient
Community Based Child, Adolescent and Youth Co-existing - MH&A Mobile Intensive Treatment
Community Based Treatment - MH and Intellectual Disability Needs Assessment Service Coordination - Adult
Community Clinical Needs Assessment Service Coordination - Child, Adolescent, Youth

Community Day Programme

Packages of Care

Community Support Services

Planned Respite

Crisis Intervention

Services for the Profoundly Hearing Impaired

Crisis Respite

Sub-Acute Extended Care Inpatient beds

Day Activities and Living Skills

Supported Landlord Services

Early Intervention for People with First Time Psychosis Vocational Support Services

General Hospital Liaison



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Consumer Leadership Specifications

Final Consumer Leadership Tier 2

Consumer Resource and Information

Consumer Advocacy Service

Peer Support Services for Adults

Consumer Leadership, Consultancy and Liaison

Peer Support Services for Children, Adolescent and Youth

Consumer Phone Service

Services Providing Consumer Leadership


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Eating Disorders Specifications

Final Eating Disorders Tier 2

Eating Disorders DHB Liaison

Clincial Outpatient Services for Eating Disorders Eating Disorders Inpatient, Intensive Treatment and Consultation

Community Services for Eating Disorders

Specialist Eating Disorders with Accommodation

Consultative Services within a Specialist Eating Disorder  


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Infant, Child, Adolescent and Youth Specifications

Final Infant, Child, Adolescent and Youth Tier 2

Community Care with Accommodation

Acute Crisis Intervention

Community Mental Health

Acute Home-based Treatment

Crisis Respite

Acute Packages of Care

Day Treatment

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Inpatient Beds

Alcohol and Other Drug Community

Intensive Clinical Support

Children, Adolescents and Youth of Parents with Mental Health Disorders

Packages of Care (Wrap Around)

Community Alcohol and Other Drug Service with Accommodation Planned Respite Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs

Community Based Day Activity Service