Purpose of This Network:

In April 2014 the Ministry of health provided one off funding to:

  • Establish a Midland Regional perinatal and infant mental health clinical network 
  • Provide workforce development initiatives for staff employed in DHB and NGO who deliver perinatal acute mental health care across the Midland Region. 

Logo Line

Key Objectives:

This clinical forum will provide:

  • specialist/advanced supervision for perinatal clinicians 
  • complex case presentation and discussion 
  • advanced training and education 
  • networking with regional colleagues toshare knowledge and experience and foster collaboration across the Midland region
  • regionally consistent development and use of evidence-based guidelines and best practice principles within perinatal specialist services 
  • linkages with similar clinical networks in the Northern and Central regions
  • development and implementation of a consistent model of care across the Midland region

Click here for the Terms of Reference for the Midland Infant Perinatal Mental Health & Addiction Clinical Network.


Meet the Members

Jacqueline Harris-Coates - Nurse Manager/Perinatal MH Consultation Liaison, Waikato  


  • Registered Psychiatrist Nurse
  • Post Graduate Diploma’s in Management and Nursing
  • Masters of Nursing
  • Set up the Perinatal Mental Service in 2002 Worked as a Manager and a clinician in Perinatal for 12 years

Sector Linkages: I have visited and have linkages with all Perinatal Mental Health Services in NZ. I attend the Auckland regional Maternal Mental Health meetings and involved with the Midland Regional Mental Health meetings 2-3 times a year.

Profile: I have 30 years’ experience in mental health with the last 12 years dedicated to Perinatal Mental Health. During this time I have written 2 RFP’s for funding (2001 & 2008). I have participated in the development of new Perinatal Mental Health Service Specifications (2009), and the Perinatal Mental Health Primary Care pathway for the Map of Medicine (2014). I actively participate, inform and support my Auckland and Midland colleagues in service development and delivery and complex clinical cases. In addition I support other mental health staff with women with severe mental illness who wish to or become pregnant. I provide education to third year midwives and nursing student at Wintech. I mentor/supervise 4 Nursing/team leaders. Have developed, provide and manage Perinatal Packages of care for the WDHB region.


  • Comprehensive knowledge and understating of mental illness and associated difficulties in the perinatal period.
  • Promote a family/whanau perspective in everything we do
  • Engagement and attention to the needs of fathers/partners
  • Commitment to providing  cultural appropriate treatment
  • Have established working relationships with Perinatal and MH Service, other WDHB staff, ICAMHS, CPASS, CYF, Maternity services, local NGO’s, Plunket and LMC’s
  • Can lead people through change “Time for Change Project” as evidenced by managing an additional service since 2012 and transitioning both service through the change project
  • Will be responsible for setting up and facilitating the Local Perinatal Mental Health Network
Aroha Panapa - Chief Operating Officer / Clinical Psychologist, Waikato

Credentials: Clinical Psychologist

Sector Linkages:

  • Nga Kupenga Aroha – Mothers, Babies and Whanau Perinatal Service – Hauora Waikato
  • Hamilton Central Clinical Governance Group Member – Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Addiction Services


Maori Clinical Psychologist (Waikato-Maniapoto descent) with specialist interest in children/adolescent mental health and youth forensic work. Having previously worked at Child Youth and family, Aroha has maintained an enduring interest in attachment and supporting parents/families to nurture tamariki/rangatahi. Aroha has also developed a strong interest in bicultural practice and has previously provided National level training for psychologists wishing to develop cultural competencies.


I am an experienced senior clinician with expertise within the Infant Perinatal mental health and addiction field. Being of Tainui descent, I have a strong regional focus and am interested in developing strategies and supports which meet the needs of our most vulnerable populations. With experience in developing regional services, I have a keen understanding of the challenges faced working across the whole of the Midlands region. Having a strong Midlands focus, I am aware of the key drivers and concerns for our whanau.

In my current role (Senior Manager) I have a sound understanding of what is required to manage resources, influence and communicate change. In my previous role within problem gambling, I have experience in negotiating challenges as well as developing and implementing supports to effectively meet the needs of whanau.

In my professional practice (clinical and managerial) I have developed strong communication skills (verbal and written) and understand the value of sharing and information with key stakeholders and networks. My practice base and approach is strengthened by my ability to actively seek support and guidance from others – decisions are made in consultation with stakeholders – not in isolation.

Tina Berryman-Kamp - Clinical Psychologist / Managing Director, Lakes


  • Post graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology (Waikato University); Master of Social Science (1st Class Honours)
  • 13 years working in Maternal/Perinatal Mental Health (3 years Auckland Central DHB; 10 years in my own Perinatal Mental Health service)

Sector Linkages:

  • I regularly attend a number of forums to maintain my networks within a range of settings - Rotorua Safer Families Network (which I have been involved in for 10 years); Te Whanake (Lakes DHB Child Health focus); Lakes DHB Provider Forums (Mental health NGO providers)
  • In working for my own service within the community I have developed strong connections to the wider Perinatal/Family Services within Rotorua
  • I have strong links to Mental health clinical services, from my brief time working there, and continued connection with others who continue to work within the service
  • Perinatal Mental Health services are co-located in my community premises, we have strong connections. I attend the weekly MDT to enhance our work together
  • I have personal connections to Maori in Rotorua (my Husband and children whakapapa to Te Arawa), and good relationships with Maori providers. Beyond my professional role I have links with local iwi through broader activities
  • I am a member of the Perinatal Mental Health Trust and have been involved with this since it formed. I am also a member of the Infant Mental Health Association of Aotearoa NZ
  • I regularly attend Regional Perinatal Mental Health meetings, to keep my connections with other Perinatal Providers
  • I make a point of contributing actively to stakeholder and community special meetings, where relevant to my service. I often am the sole voice there for mental health, let alone Perinatal/Infant Mental Health

Profile: I was born in Wellington, my mother is English and father Dutch – both emigrated in NZ when they were young adults. I am the youngest of 3 daughters. Growing up in NZ as a first generation New Zealander I became aware very early of the differences between cultures and how that influences identity. Challenges in my own family and my early years led to sensitivity to mental health issues, and curiosity about how people develop their strengths and weaknesses. Upon leaving school and working in banking (as was the family norm), I realised that this was not the place for me, and I went to Waikato University to study psychology. In my early career I worked for Corrections Psychological services, both in the community and in prison settings. This further raised questions for me as to the influence of the early years on people’s subsequent life journeys. At that time I took a journey of my own which saw me live overseas for five years, working out of psychology, travelling, and connecting with my own roots. On my return to NZ I went back to Corrections work, at Te Piriiti Special Treatment Unit (for men who have sexually offended against children). I stayed there in various clinical and leadership roles, until leaving after the birth of my second child. I then decided that the work was no longer suitable given my role as mother, and sought other options. The move to Maternal Mental Health was by chance, and there I found my passion and the beginning of some answers I had from very early on as to the development of mental health and resilience. Upon our move to Rotorua I worked at Te Ngako Community Mental Health for one year, and then left and set up my own service (in response to a clear gap in Perinatal Mental Health services in Rotorua), with a focus on group therapy for women who are experiencing post natal depression/distress. I have continued working in this for the last 10 years, and a year ago opened my own premises ‘ Flourishing Families’ – as a centre for Perinatal Mental Health and Wellbeing in Rotorua.

On a personal note, I am married to Eugene Berryman-Kamp (Ngati Kea Ngati Tuara, Ngati Whakaue, Ngati Awa). We have been together for 29 years. We have 3 children, Rawiri (17); Mikaere (16) and Maia (13). Our move to Rotorua was the result of Eugene wanting to reconnect with and raise our children in his cultural base. He works within Maori health and Iwi strategic development. My passion for Perinatal Mental Health has been enhanced by my own difficulties in the Perinatal period, and seeing others close to me face challenges during this time.


Expertise in the field of Infant Perinatal mental health and addiction: 14 years working as a clinician in mental health services (general adult, Maternal and Perinatal mental Health), providing specialist assessment, individual and group therapy for mothers and fathers, and consultation/training to stakeholders and the wider community. Personal experience of Perinatal Mental Health issues – self and family.

Strong leadership skills with established networks into key stakeholder groups or representative nominations from the key stakeholder groups: As the provider of my own service which I have developed over the last decade, I have a good understanding of service development. I am dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and providing the best services we can, seeking solutions within the current constraints of funding and increasingly complex demands. I became involved in Perinatal Mental Health well before it became a priority area, and for many years have advocated and provided leadership in this area. Working largely in isolation as a result, I have actively sought out networks to support my service and my work, and have been able to influence wider practice in these areas, via discussion in forums and the provision of training to other stakeholders and the community over the years. I value working as a team, bringing together diverse skills, knowledge bases and experience to enrich outcomes and strategic planning. From my experience in various forums it has become apparent to me that clear leadership, terms of reference, and role definitions are essential in allowing effective use of forums and networks.

Strong communication skills both verbal and written, with established relationships with key stakeholder groups / networks where information can be fed to and from the network: I sit in a number of forums where I am known to represent Perinatal Mental health – both within health and in the wider community. Straddling the clinical and community sectors and fitting within both gives me a good foundation for translation of information to and from.

I have a strong foundation in communication, both written and verbal, and can adapt to a wide range of audiences.

A good understanding of national and regional drivers: As a service provider contracting to the DHB and regularly attending strategic forums, I keep up to date with new publications and strategic plans coming out from the ministry, and contribute where possible to the planning at Lakes DHB. My personal connections with others in a management level in health enriches my knowledge and understanding at a strategic level.

Working with Maori expertise: As a Pakeha Psychologist I am very aware of my privileged position and cultural bias. I have strong links (both professional and personal) to Maori in my community and consult with them regularly. My professional supervisor is Averil Herbert, a well-known Maori Psychologist who specializes in teaching about bi-cultural practice and cultural safety

Proven track record for delivering results: In my clinical practice I have over a decade of outcome data demonstrating the positive results obtained in my service. Quantitative data is well supported by qualitative accounts. I am well known at a management/service delivery level for meeting (and generally exceeding) all contract requirements on a timely basis, and for being present and providing feedback at a strategic level. Being contracted on an ongoing basis to Lakes DHB over the last 10 years during difficult times in funding indicates faith in my service delivery. Service audits and reviews have also been consistently positive as to my performance over the years.

Lesley Watkins - Portfolio Manager, Bay of Plenty

Credentials: Registered Social Worker; Post-graduate diploma in CBT; Masters in Social Work

Sector Linkages: Linked into national and regional mental health & addiction networks; on Advisory Group for Commissioning Framework; contributor to the Healthy Beginnings document; good knowledge of the BOP mental health and maternity networks.

Profile: Registered Social Worker with over 30 years’ experience in working in the community mental health field with experience of establishing the maternal mental health position for the Eastern Bay of Plenty. Thesis for Masters in Social Work was based on interviews with 8 BOP women with a major mental illness who were mothers and the interplay of mothering and mental illness. Now portfolio manager for mental health & addiction at BOPDHB.

Skills:  A real interest and experience in the field of maternal mental health with a desire to see early identification of maternal mental health issues in order to strengthen the capacity of the family to parent well using the resources available in the community and from whanau. Knowledge of current strategies which support the development of integrated models of care. Experience working regionally and nationally.

Sandra Patton - Infant Mental Health Clinician, Bay of Plenty


I was a Visiting Neurodevelopmental Therapist (Physiotherapy trained) for many years before retraining as a counsellor and working as a Family Therapist in an NGO for 4 years.

I have worked at iCAMHS Tauranga since 2010, originally with Incredible Years Specialist Service for 3 years and for the past 2 years as Infant Mental Health Clinician.

I am currently studying towards a Grad Diploma in perinatal and Infant Mental Health through the New South Wales Institute of Psychiatry (6 out of 9 units completed)


  • Good knowledge of Western Bay of Plenty area services and networks and developing one for the Eastern BOP.
  • Good understanding of IMH
  • Good communication skills
Patrick Morris, Team Leader, Taranaki

Credentials: As Intake Coordinator from Oct 2007 to Jun 2012 I prioritised Perinatal MH referrals and completed full Clinical assessments including MSE Risk Full History HoNOS with Family Violence and Sensitive Claims recording. I also gave Short term Intervention  a brief intro to CBT and its co9rrelation to their story an explanation of the action of medication and the risk benefit balance in both pregnancy and Breast feeding.

This has given me a unique insight into the Risks surrounding the Perinatal client and their child. I am a passionate advocate for this group.

I have promoted the Perinatal Mental Health Pathway formulated here in Taranaki by Dr Jane Allen and our team. I have presented this to the national Midwives Conference last year and also to the ICAMHS regional forum and perinatal Mental Health forum. Locally I have tried to preserve the integrity of our Perinatal Mental Health Team in the face of Senior Managerial moves to send the care back to GP’s and reduce our team to generalist clinicians serving the whole Adult Sector clientele.

Additionally I have opposed the consistent downgrading of our clients severity by Acute Intervention Services as being sub-acute. Currently our clients wait 6 weeks for a face to face visit after an initial contact at 3 weeks by telephone recommending GP visit. I have been a lone voice expressing my concern that midwives and maternal Social Workers are managing these clients rather than referring them to a system which discharges c. 40% of them unseen. The appointment of a dedicated 0.6 FTE with assessment as part of their portfolio should hopefully restore balance.

Sector Linkages: I have conducted in service education to both Midwives Plunket CYPS GP’s and The District Council advice centre and continue to do so on both Perinatal MH referral and treatment pathways.

I have amended our Referral pathway to include the PH3 assessment tool as adopted by Plunkett nationally and have provided the local team with EPDS tools and have an education session booked in April . They in turn have agreed that EPDS can be incorporated into their referral and assessment process.

I sit on the Maternal Quality Group representing Mental Health and advocate for our client group and their family whanau.


  • I trained in Scotland as both Psychiatric and General RN.
  • I worked in the NHS for 9 years before going to Saudi Arabia for 10 years.
  • I met my Kiwi midwife / RGON there and came to new Zealand in 1991.

I am a proud New Zealand citizen and father of a pigeon pair aged 20 and 18.  My daughter leaves for University next week and I am proud she is spreading her wings but am stressed about being a parent at a distance. My son in whom I am well pleased is on the mainland at Otago University.

I have worked at Taranaki Base Hospital for 23.5  years in orthopaedics 1 yr Emergency Dept 15 yrs and CMHS for 7 ½ years. I have been both a staff nurse and a manager in various roles. I come to work singing and leave the same way. I believe in the application of the spirit of the Treaty of Waitangi in my daily life. I believe firmly that all Maori tangata whenua have the right to choose regarding the provision of their healthcare.

I have completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Nursing at University of Auckland. My PG Cert in Advanced Nursing is from Victoria University.

Skills: I am very skilled in using new technologies – smart phones tablets computers spreadsheets benchmarking graphs.

I understand the challenges of change in today’s world. The unfreezing of behaviour the assessment and adaptation of any new model and the eventual refreezing of the new behaviour. I use persistence flexing against resistance education and role modelling to achieve the final outcome. I accept my short term losses for long term gain.

I try to see the big picture – the global financial crisis Government and MOH strategies – the best use of resources for the dollar expenditure.  But I am also focussed on maximising resources – I hate waste.

I try to encourage self governance – any system should provide quality outcomes whether or not I am there. I ask my staff to self regulate and step up to the mark. I try to concentrate on the 70 % who do rather than the 30 % who do not.

I also like clear concise flow  common goals and strategies set to achieve them. Whilst I like an Overall framework I like to see the nuts and bolts of how it will work on the ground.

I value every one’s opinion and adapt my own position as I learn from others. I enjoy working in groups – I am gregarious as one of eight children.  I have a very positive attitude even in the face of opposition.

I am a qualified Clinical Supervisor for the last seven years.  I have presented cases to MDT’s every week for five years using electronic and other media.

I have been involved in the Regional Perinatal MH forum and also in the setting up of the regional Eating Disorders forum.

I am happy to admit when I am wrong and also to accept a consensus approach. I do not bear grudges and try to be a peacemaker where there is conflict.

I am also honest as the day is long.

Wendy Tyghe - Psychologist, Tairawhiti


  • University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa
  • Master of Education (Psychology) 2009
  • University of South Africa
  • Master of Arts Psychology (Research) 2003
  • New South Wales Institute of Psychiatry
  • Master of Perinatal and Infant Mental Health (2014 – 2016)
  • Includes 1 year Infant Observation – current student

Sector Linkages:

Previous linkages:

  • Ububele Umdlezane Parent-Infant Study Group (2007-2008)
  • Institute for Psychodynamic Child Psychotherapy Reading Group (2007 – 2008)
  • Attachment Reading Group (2007)
  • Johannesburg Association for Child Psychotherapy Reading Group (2008)
  • Member of Johannesburg Association for Infant Mental Health (2007-2008)
  • International Conference on Infant, Toddler & Preschool Mental Health, Auckland (2010)
  • Autism Conference New Zealand (2013)

Current linkages:

  • Member of Infant Mental Association Aotearoa New Zealand (IMHAANZ)
  • Member of World Association of Infant Mental Health (WAIMH)
  • New South Wales Institute of Psychiatry
  • Childhood Matters NZ (IMHAANZ Hawkes Bay group).


I moved to New Zealand from South Africa six years ago. I have four daughters, 3 are married, and 5 grandchildren.  I have been living in Gisborne for 4 years.

Employment Summary

Child Youth & Family (2009-2010) Psychologist My role included learning through co-working to strengthen parent and child attachment in children with high complex needs, cultural support, and appropriate parenting. Attending supervision and ongoing learning and development training.

  • Diagnosis & management of sexual and physical abuse of children
  • Care and protection law
  • Attendance at International Infant, Toddler & Pre-School Mental Health Conference in Auckland.

Special Education (2011-2014) Psychologist My role as part of the Special Education Behaviour Team included supporting schools, families, children and adolescents with severe and challenging behaviours, and high and complex needs.

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service  (2015 – present) Psychologist My role as part of the CAMHS team is to work together to provide a community based mental health service for children and their families focusing on emotional and behavioural disorders. The role includes clinical management, supervision, coordination, consultation and liaison, service planning, and education & training to community groups and agencies involved with children and young people


Sound knowledge of psychometric skills

  • Combination of academic training, previous registration as a Psychometrist and additional training that has included the Rorschach, cognitive tests, emotional tests, educational tests, neurological screening test, developmental tests and behaviour tests.
  • Genuine passion and interest in infant, child & adolescent mental health.
  • Experience providing psychological reports on children and adolescents.

Sound theoretical knowledge

  • Attachment theory
  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy
  • Systems theory
  • Child development
  • Perinatal & Infant psychosocial and emotional development

Ability to work as a team member

  • Team work has been part of my role at Child, Youth & Family, and Special Education which involved support and guidance to parents and caregivers, consultation with social workers, medical staff, lawyers, teachers and other agencies involved with clients.

Commitment to success in community work

  • Active voluntary counselor for community organization for 15 years.
  • Ability to network effectively
  • Enthusiastic commitment to professional development and ongoing workplace learning.
  • Current enrolment with New South Wales Institute of Psychiatry, Perinatal and Infant Mental Health 3 year programme.

Excellent skills in communication

  • Specialist comprehensive report-writing skills.
  • Ability to work independently with different agencies.
  • Good understanding of the importance of relationships.
Hine Moeke-Murray - General Manager, Tairawhiti

Hine MCredentials: Bachelor Matauranga Maori, Post graduate Diploma Maori Studies, Post Graduate Diploma Maori and Management, Diploma Suicide Intervention and Prevention, Educator Maori Suicide and Intervention, Education Clinical Processes of Death and Dying

Sector Linkages and Networks: Community Mental Health and Addictions, Acute Mental health and Addictions, Supporting Families Tairawhiti, Te Kupenga Net Trust, Ngati Porou Hauora, Turanga Health, Koroua and Kuia Local, Marae Groups, Whanau whanui, Maori Qualifications Whakaruruhau Chair (National), MR GAFW and MR Worforce Advisory Group.


Kia ora tatou

Ko Hikurangi te Maunga
Ko Waiapu te Awa
Ko Uepohatu te Ariki Tapaeru
Ko Uepohatu te Iwi
Ko Maui te tipuna
Ko Maui te Atua
Ko Porourangi te tangata
Ko Nga Tini o Porou - Ngati Porou whanau whanui te iwi te rohe

I am first and foremost wahine Maori, a wife, mum and grandmother. However in my other life I am a cultural assessor for the Cultural Assessment Team Community Mental Health and Addictions Tairawhiti District Health Board. It is a privilege and pleasure to work for the only integrated cultural and mainstream team in Mental Health in Aotearoa that works alongside of the Psychiatric Assessment Team for all crisis and acute intervention 24/7, where kaupapa Maori intervention is valued, respected and acted on at first point of contact and assessment. I have been in this role for nearly four years. Previously I worked for Hauora Maori in General Medicine as the Kaiatawhai â Advocate for Maori inpatients at TDH. I have also worked with the Bereavement Care Team (Mortality Management Specialists) Counties Manukau District Health Board.

Skills that I Bring:

A definite Maori lens in terms of working with family and whanau. I have extensive experience working at a national and regional level for Maori centred initiatives. I believe in and promote the health and well being of Maori and whanau and that the essence of Maori is found in our culture and the tohu that have been left by tipuna.

I have management skills, the ability to view issues through a wide lens, I have extensive front line working knowledge of acute un-wellness for Tangata Whaiora and understand the absolute importance for the involvement of whanau whakapapa or whanau kaupapa as part of healing.

Tim Gutteridge - Social Worker, Lakes 

Tim GutteridgeCredentials:

  • BSc Hons Psychology
  • MSc Applied Psychology
  • PGDiP SW

Profile:  Qualified as a Social Worker in the UK in 1997 and worked for a local authority as a Social Worker in adult mental health.

Worked as approved social worker within the Mental Health Act working with acute admission and crisis response and senior practitioner for 11 years.

My partner and I emigrated to New Zealand in early 2012 and became citizens in 2017.

We settled in Rotorua and now call it our home.


  • Working as a CMHT clinician in a secondary level perinatal mental health team
  • Trained in circle of security parenting reflection.
  • 20 plus years experience of working in adult mental health.
  • Working in Perinatal Mental Health for the past 6 years alongside Psychologist as a small team providing a service to our local community.
  • Organizational skills in managing the client journey through our service – triaging new referrals, assessment, key working and monitoring effectiveness of treatment and outcomes for this.
Te Awhimate Wiremu Tawhai - Kaiarahi Te Hiringa Matua / Team Leader PPS, Tairawhiti


  • BA Ed
  • Maori Applied Indigenous studies

Sector Linkages

  • Ngati Porou Hauora
  • Hauora Tairawhiti
  • Te Kuwatawata
  • Te Kupenga Net Trust
  • PPS
  • Hawkes Bay, Northland & Waitemata


  • Cultural advisor Waitemata DHB Mental health and addictions
  • Cultural advisor Waiatarau Inpatient unit
  • Kaiarahi /Team Leader THM, NPH,
  • Utilizing Matauranga Maori,
  • Kaupapa ora,
  • Mahi A Atua,as plan formulation and treatment protocols
  • Addressing the needs of community of the Tairawhiti

Additional Members

  • Hera Matangi - Tui Ora, Taranaki
  • Linda McCulloch - Tui Ora, Taranaki
  • Claire Stowell - BOP DHB
  • Jane Nottingham - BOP DHB
  • Penny Stevens - BOP DHB

The Midland Infant Perinatal Clinical network is supported by the Midland Regional Director - Eseta Nonu-Reid